Several Heads of State In the continent gathered on Saturday for a two-day summit at the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia.

Amongst other issues to be addressed are the recent increase in military coups and the surge in coronavirus cases. Host nation – Ethiopia is also subject to a ceasefire to end a 15-month deadly exchange that has caused the death of thousands of its citizens.

The issue which will be hammered on by the 55-member bloc has also kept even more people without food in Ethiopia.

Due to unconstitutional change in leadership, the Peace and Security Council of the AU had previously suspended four countries; with Burkina Faso being the latest after the unlawful removal of President Kaboré some days ago.

Moussa Faki Mahamat – the Chairman of the African Union Commission, had condemned the increased rate of military takeovers during the gathering on Saturday, and sought for measures to be taken to halt these coups. However, the AU has been condemned for leaving out Chad from its decisions. A move many critics see as double standard.

Key issues to be raised during the gathering will be proactive measures to stop factors that could incite coups. Most notably, terrorism-related reactions to constitutional changes for the purpose of extending a leader’s tenure.

The issue of the pandemic was also touched on; with South Africa’s President – Cyril Ramaphosa tasked with giving an update on the continent’s response to the issue.

The worrying statistics showing that only 11% of the continent’s 1 billion people have been vaccinated was brought to bare from the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Furthermore, Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo has been tipped to become the special envoy to broker a ceasefire in Ethiopia. At the moment, the AU face an impossible situation due to Ethiopia’s hosting stance.

Consequently, the war-ridden nation has failed to hold its spot on the Peace and Security Council due to recent happenings within its borders.

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