Popular 74-year-old actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been involved in a multi-vehicle car crash in Los Angeles.

Though uninjured, the former governor was reportedly returning from an outing with his son and daughter in a black GMC Yukon SUV before the incident occurred.

According to an unnamed police statement, Schwarzenegger – who was behind the wheels – had attempted to make a left turn, failing to spot an indication arrow at Sunset and Allenford Avenue intersection.

This led to a head-on collision with a red Prius, further landing on the same vehicle, before the Actor’s SUV rolled partially onto a white Porsche directly behind his vehicle.

The Los Angeles Police Department are now conducting a full investigation to determine the happenings at the Sunset Boulevard route; half mile from Schwarzenegger’s house in Brentford.

The driver of the red Prius was left unhurt, however, the woman in the white Porsche wasn’t so lucky as reports claim she has been hospitalized with a head injury. Measurement of the impacts also show severity in the collision after the Prius’ airbag got deployed alongside Schwarzenegger’s own.

No tickets were written in the incident that rocked the famous city but a comprehensive report will be provided in line with investigations being carried out.

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