Former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Ben Murray-Bruce, has spoken on the increased rate of money rituals in the country.

Bruce who represented Bayelsa East District in the previous Senatorial administration, also clamoured for government intervention to put an end to the measures adopted by youths for ‘quick money’.

According to his tweet making rounds in the social space, Ben Murray-Bruce called on the Nigerian people to work as one to end the trend.

He also emphasised on the value of the family system, and advised the government to build tech hubs for the purpose of engaging youths in digital skill development.

“What has suddenly gone wrong with young people who now believe that rituals involving human blood will make them rich?

“So many Nigerians go missing daily and while some are never found, some are found dead with body parts missing.

“We must work to stop this trend. We must return to our traditional family values where charity begins at home. The family remains where the teaching of ethics begins. This is where moral instructions are embedded in children. This is where discipline and good morals are instilled in children regardless of their religion.

“The government must do more to encourage young people to use their knowledge of technology for productive ventures.

“With this, I am calling on the government to establish tech hubs and tech sharks to train young people in information and digital skills aimed at making Nigeria and the world a better place.

“We must rebuild our families and inculcate love and tolerance among our children. We must teach them good virtues, hard work and patience.

“I want young people to know that there is no shortcut to being wealthy without hard work. Killing a human being for ritual purposes will not make you rich overnight. It will only take you to hell.

“We must not accept the narrative that poverty, hunger and unemployment get young people into ritual killings to get rich quick.

“Our politicians and elite must show restraint in the way they flaunt their wealth both publicly and on social media.

“The Nigerian police and other security agencies should also deploy intelligence and apprehend the perpetrators of these acts and bring them to justice while our worship centres must focus more on encouraging young people to embrace hard work, diligence and patience,” he tweeted.

Ben Murray-Bruce’s tweet comes days after the arrest of four teenagers in Ogun State; who beheaded a young woman for money ritual purposes.

This and other acts recorded in recent weeks have shown the increased spate of damning crimes by Nigerian youths for money rituals.

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