U.S President, Joe Biden, fell off his bicycle during a brief morning ride with first lady Dr Jill Biden in Delaware on Saturday morning.

The 79-year-old who is currently in Delaware with Jill for the celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary, braked abruptly to greet a crowd near Rehoboth beach. He exchanged waves with on-ground reporters and a ‘Good morning’ greeting, but got his foot caught during the cycling exercise.

Dr Jill Biden, the first lady, missed the fall as she had turned the corner seconds earlier. Due to inability to reelease his bike shoes from the toe cages on the pedals, Biden had tumbled over.

The POTUS was accompanied by Secret Service agents, but had no troubles with the cheering crowd on a bright morning. He even got several wishes of ‘Happy Father’s Day’ from spectators before responding ‘I’m good’, when asked if he was OK.

Biden took to his feet and got back on his bike almost immediately. ‘Alright guys, see you,’ he waved before departing the scene. He was clad in grey T-shirt and bright blue shoes during the cycling exercise.

During his brief response to reporters, Biden expressed satisfaction on the progress made in Delaware, when asked about gun legislation.

‘In Delaware, I am. Did you see what they did in Delaware? Passed an assaults weapons ban. They did what I did years ago. But I am happy with the progress,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the White House has confirmed that President Joe Biden was not seriously hurt by the fall this morning.

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