British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, scaled through a no-confidence vote, following calls to step down from his position; due to the ‘party-gate’ scandal.

The vote which was held on Monday saw 359 members of Parliament determine whether or not Johnson would remain as Prime Minister. A total of 211 lawmakers of the Conservative political party had supported him; holding a majority over the remaining 148 votes—a development that several British citizens have failed to agree upon.

Recall that the vote of no confidence was triggered in line with the rules of the Conservative Party; which entails that if at least 15% of Conservative members of Parliament tender letters of request to leaders of the party, a no-confidence vote would be held. Graham Brady—an official of the Conservative Party earlier on Monday confirmed that the minimum required had been surpassed.

However, if Boris Johnson had lost out due to the no-confidence vote, a replacement would have been chosen by the majority—Conservative Party—to serve in the office of the Prime Minister. This is because the UK Prime Minister is appointed by the political party with the higher number of Parliament seats; a system which differs from the conventional direct elections practiced by many countries on the globe.

Prior to Monday’s ruling, an investigation into the allegations that Johnson and several of his colleagues had flouted lockdown rules in 2020 to curb coronavirus in Britain was carried out. He was fined after the findings earlier this month by the police.

Many citizens in the United Kingdom have now condemned Boris Johnson’s survival in this instance, citing photographs taken at Number 10 Downing Street during the peak of coronavirus; showing the Prime Minister and other members of his cabinet having wine and cheese at a gathering in his residence. The lockdown rules had prevented people from seeing their dying relatives, amongst other restrictions in place at the time. Masses have also called on the Prime Minister and those involved to be held accountable amidst calls to step down from office.

In a letter addressed to Boris Johnson on Monday, long-time faithful supporter of the Prime Minister, Jesse Norman, criticized his policies, and accused him of bending rules to his advantage.

‘You are simply seeking to campaign, to keep changing the subject and to create political and cultural dividing lines mainly for your advantage, at a time when the economy is struggling, inflation is soaring, and growth is anaemic and best,’ Jesse Norman stated.

The ex-cabinet minister also described some of Johnson’s policies as ‘foolhardy’ in the letter published earlier.

Experts opine that most of the lawmakers of the Conservative Party kept faith with Johnson, due to a shared opinion of the situation coming at a time inappropriate for a change in leadership of the party.

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