Burkina Faso President Roch Kabore has been detained by soldiers, a day after heavy gunshots were heard close to his resident, several security sources and a West African diplomat confirmed the report on Monday.

However, Burkina Faso’s Government had earlier debunked Coup Rumours despite gunshots ringing out at several locations in Ouagadougou, the nation’s Capital.

Several armoured vehicles of the presidential fleet were seen riddled with bullets, near the president’s residence. One was spattered with blood.

The first agitation was said to have been heard at barrack points in the country’s capital; with hundreds of citizens flocking to the streets to support troops before a curfew was placed late into last night

Many believe the uproar by the military is a result of the detention of 11 soldiers – over a week ago after a protest was conducted to demand the sack of military chiefs, and request for an increased supply of weaponry to fight Islamic extremists in the country.

Shootings were also heard in the northern towns of Kaya and Ouahigouya, as well as the southern part of the capital; particularly an air base near the nation’s main airport. Defence Minister – General Simporé – have also come out to encourage citizens to resume daily activities, assuring that the government will provide key information in the coming hours.

The recent protest adds to a list of public discontent over President Roch Kaboré’s leadership; with many believing he has failed to curb the islamic insurgence that has ravaged the nation in the last seven years.

Dozens of protesters have also been arrested in recent times for staging a banned rally against bad military controlled by the government.

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