Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to curb the ongoing truckers protests; concerning the Covid-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates in the nation.

Trudeau who listed out plans to end the protests, also vowed to freeze the accounts of the angry protesters and target their livelihoods. This was after he threatened to tow away rigs if protesters don’t back down.

In his words, the Prime Minister described the blockades as illegal; referring to major business activities that have been affected by them. He then urged the relentless crowd to go home immediately.

To restore order to the country, the Canadian government resolved to invoke the Emergencies Act; enabling broad powers in the process.

The Canadian government will look to tow away vehicles primarily to allow essential services run. The Prime Minister further downplayed any intentions of involving the military.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also echoed Trudeau’s statements and revealed plans to step-up regulations on another front.

Regulations on anti-money laundering will aim at taking down sites crowd-funded to support the blockades in cities. An act which has been termed illegal.

“Consider yourselves warned..Send your rigs home,” Freeland said.

Prime Minister Trudeau stated that the next actions taken will be time-limited and geographically targeted. He also said they will be reasonable and appropriate to address threats specifically.

However, he failed to mention when the crackdowns will commence.

The protests which have spanned over two weeks; has brought together thousands of citizens in Canada, with trucks and lots of vehicles blocking Ottawa streets, and major parts of the capital. Parliament Hill have also been besieged, with the people clamouring for a change to the mandates on vaccine.

They’ve also condemned the Liberal government adopted by Justin Trudeau.

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