The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has backed the Zamfara State Governor’s call for citizens to acquire guns for self defense against bandits

In an interview with the Vanguard newspaper, John Hayab, the Kaduna State CAN chairman said the government’s failure in terms of security, has made the people conscious of the need to develop their own security plans.

While reacting to the statement by the Zamfara government that residents of the state should acquire guns to defend themselves against terrorist and bandit attacks, Hayab said CAN was aware of the precarious security situation in the country.

He further noted that the Zamfara government’s call was merely an alert for citizens to continue to act proactively.

Hayab said, “The call by Zamfara state Governor is not new to us. The Governor of Katsina State and others made a similar statement some months ago.

“Every day people are being killed from North to South, West and the East with no tangible arrests are being made. The killings going on unabated are serious.

“Bandits that should be running are now going from house to house, community to community, one region to another region; nowhere is safe for now. They are cruel to their victims. CAN believes that it is now obligatory for Nigerians not to wait for our sleeping leaders to protect us because they do not care. Everybody, therefore, should act wisely, and do what is right to defend himself, his family, his place of worship, and his community.

“What CAN and Nigerians want from the federal government and our governor of Zamfara state and his colleagues is they should be honest with us and not send the police after innocent people who are only having weapons for self-defenses.”

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