Former U.S Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, has stated that Donald Trump once spoke about targeting cartels owned by drug lords in Mexico.

According to a published piece in the New York Times on Thursday, Esper wrote about the subject in his upcoming memoir.

The one-time POTUS Trump was keen on the destruction of these labs in 2020; when he opined more than once on the use of missiles. These was contained in Esper’s work, ‘A Sacred Oath: Extraordinary Times,” which will be released as a memoir in four days.

Esper touched on the increasing agitation of the Former U.S President concerning the use of the Mexican border to convey drugs into the country.

Furthermore, Esper’s time in office between July 2019 and November 2020 was accompanied by a series of meetings on the issue; with Trump seeking for the destruction of these drug cartels by the U.S military force.

Trump also claimed that Mexico had no control of their own country.

The suggestion was however negated by Esper on several occasions. A move which propelled the ex U.S President to insist that the force “just shoot some Patriot missiles and take out the labs, quietly.” He then said that “no one would know it was us.”

Mark Esper’s account of the issue show that Trump was keen on the matter, which led to arguments back and forth on whether it would turn out to be the right move.

There were other occasions when the former Defense Secretary had disagreed with Trump’s take on military activities—one of which was the shooting of demonstrators who protested the murder of George Floyd two years ago.

“It was surreal, sitting in front of the Resolute desk, inside the Oval Office, with this idea weighing heavily in the air, and the president red faced and complaining loudly about the protests under way in Washington, D.C,” Esper wrote.

The disagreements on several fronts supposedly led to the removal of Mark Esper from office by Trump that same year.

Esper claimed that the Defense Department had blocked part of his memoir, terming it as “classified” last year; leading to his decision to sue.

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