French President, Emmanuel Macron, have been sworn into office following his re-election as the country’s president.

In a ceremony held at Élysée Palace in Paris, Macron was officially posed to run a second tenure. The occasion was also graced by five hundred guests including former rulers and dignitaries of the French nation.

Ex-presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande were among attendees, while religious leaders and senior state citizens were present on the day.

Also in attendance were Edouard Philippe, Manuel Valls, Alain Jupoe and Jeann-Pierre Raffarin; all former Prime Ministers of France.

Macron’s re-election into office means he will become the first France President in 20 years to achieve the fit. The 44-year-old edged out Marine Le Pen—his far-rights opponent—by 58.5% of the total votes in the second round. His victory was met by stiff opposition, with reference made to his retirement age proposal and pro-business policies.

While presenting a brief speech on the day, Macron reiterated the importance of innovation in both France and the global space.

He then added that his second term in office will not necessarily be a continuation of the first; but one with ‘new’ ideologies.

“We need to invent a new method together, far from tired traditions and routines, with which we can build a new productive, social and ecological contract,” he said.

The legislative elections are expected to hold next month, with rumours that Macron could hold less sway in Parliament, after a coalition formed by hard-left La France Insoumise, the Parti Socialistes, the Greens, and the Communist Party.

The President will visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday—being Europe day. He will then head to Berlin for a meeting with Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor.

Despite being sworn in for his second tenure, Emmanuel Macron will not kick-off his second term presidency till the eve of May 13, alongside Prime Minister Jean Castex. He will be a French President without affiliation to a coalition government since the Fifth Republic was formed in 1958; making him the first of his kind.

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