French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that there is a possibility of reaching concrete solutions to the crisis in Ukraine.

Macron who had a three-hour meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv yesterday opined that practical solutions were not far-fetched, in dousing the tensions between countries in the West and the Russian Federation.

Speaking after the meeting, French President Macron had also revealed Putin’s intentions of a non-escalation of the crisis if their terms were met. Macron’s continued efforts also saw him meet with the German Chancellor, who recent arrived from Washington.

During a news briefing, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his low confidence in ‘mere words’ and his desire to welcome concrete steps from Putin for a de-escalation. He further termed his discussion with Macron as ‘very fruitful’ and expects a meeting to be called comprising of the Normandy contact group. These countries include Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany.

“We have a common view with President Macron on threats and challenges to the security of Ukraine, of the whole of Europe, of the world in general.

“Let’s not be naive. Since the beginning of the crisis, France hasn’t been inclined to exaggerate, but at the same time, I don’t believe this crisis can be settled in a few hours, through discussions,” Zelenskyy said.

Furthermore, Macron commended the Ukrainian president’s attitude all through the crisis, despite Russian troops activities in the border.

Macron claims to have succeeded in putting an end to any intentions of an escalation between both countries. He further stated that a convergence with Russia is a possibility, with hopes of a breakthrough .

“For me, it was about blocking the game to prevent an escalation and open new perspectives.

“For me, this objective has been achieved.l,” he said.

Extended reports on the meeting at Kyiv showed that proposals were put forth to stop new military moves and start a peace dialogue to end the conflict.

Macron’s trip to Kyiv on Tuesday came after a discussion with Putin in Moscow which lasted over five hours.

Resolves reached aimed at a non-escalation in a bid to end military activities in the border. Also, the continent’s stability was touched on; with emphasis placed on opening new perspectives for both countries.

President Putin had described his meeting with Macron as business-like and downplayed the Russian military activities in the past few days. He has continued to downplay an invasion, after reports that the U.S and NATO allies ignored Russia’s security demands.

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