Guinea-Bissaun was rocked few hours back with the news of a prolonged gunfire heard in the nation’s capital, close to the Government Palace.

The West African country which has lived through four previous coup d’etats, and over a dozen other attempted military takeovers, had queered rumours of yet another coup today.

President of Guinea-Bissau – Umaro Sissoco Embalo took to social media to douse such rumours, stating that calm has restored to the capital.

He also posted photos of himself in his home, with the nation’s flag placed in the background. However, no statement has been issued by the government on how the standoff was resolved.

The countries Foreign Ministry—headed by Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva—have now released a statement appealing for a restrain from violence against the nation’s present government.

“We strongly condemn the attack on the government palace in Bissau and appeal for the immediate end of this violent action against the president and government of Guinea-Bissau. Constitutional order must be respected by all.”

“There is armed activity in Bissau directed at the legitimate authorities of Guinea-Bissau, its president and government,” he said during an interview.

The Economic Commission of West African States also condemned the act earlier today. And expressed how keen the situation will be monitored.

“ECOWAS condemns this coup attempt and holds the military responsible for the bodily integrity of President Umaro Sissoco Embalo and the members of his government.”

Guinea-Bissau, who gained independence in 1974, is amongst a list of West African countries to have been overcomed by coups in recent years, with military takeovers recorded in other countries such as Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso in the past few months.

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