Former first lady of the United States, Hilary Clinton, has warned Democrats that their persistent negation of issues centering on transgender could be a big blow in their bid to succeed in the midterms and presidential election in 2024.

The 74-year-old former presidential aspirant spoke in an interview; less than two days after Bill Clinton expressed pessimism on the future of America’s constitutional democracy. Featured by the Financial Times, Hilary Clinton called on Democrats to channel their actions toward winning the upcoming election, rather than criticising popular figures who have voiced their support for the transgender motion.

In a shared view with reporter Edward Luce, the condemnation of JK Rowling and other references made was seen as a potential sabotage on the Democrats by Clinton, and warned that democracy could be lost on these fronts.

‘Democrats seem to be going out of their way to lose elections by elevating activist causes, notably the transgender debate, which are relevant only to a small minority,’ Luce said, ‘What sense does it make to depict JK Rowling as a fascist?

‘We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window.

‘Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority,’ she said.

Few days ago, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to make ‘gender-affirming care’ that can involve hormone therapy and surgery while accusing Republican lawmakers of ‘bullying’ LGBTQ+ children.

Faithfuls of pro-trans policies have inclined towards similar views shared by popular Author JK Rowling, who stated that domestic abuse shelters should be left open to non-trans women specifically for safety reasons. These happenings also come at at time when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; a Democrats’ champion, put forward gender-neutral terms for women including ‘people who menstruate’ and ‘pregnant people.’

Analysis of the terms show that it was created to include transgenders and non-binaries. However, several women have revealed that the move alienates them, even after many years of demanding for equal rights.

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