Affiliate militants of the Islamic State (IS) group on Saturday orchestrated attacks against civilians and security forces in Egypt.

According to local sources, the attacks took place in Al-Masaeed area north of Arish city—which is the capital of the North Sinai Governorate. Police troops were said to be ambushed; with a barrage of firepower exchange ensuing. A suicide bomber also detonated near the city, leading to extensive damage of properties; while people were injured in the process.

Eyewitness accounts state that militants of the Islamic State group battled with the Egyptian army, and tribal groups who showed solidarity in the Al-Misfaq area, near Bir Al-Abd city.

Although, eleven Egyptian troop members were reportedly killed on Saturday, the figure of casualties largely remain unknown due to the discretion of Arish Military Hospital. Several civilians were injured in Sinai; as the clash raged on for more than an hour.

Medical sources disclosed that three wounded people were rushed to Arish General Hospital, alongside the remains of the suicide bomber.

Saturday’s simultaneous attacks in capital Arish caught many off guard due to Comprehensive Operation Sinai activities in the region. Seen as a military offensive—dating back to February 2018, the ambush becomes the first in over three years, rolling back the long-standing insurgency in Sinai since 2011.

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