President of the United States – Joe Biden, has confirmed the death of ISIS leader Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi after a raid was conducted by US special forces before dawn.

Details provided by the POTUS also states that al-Qurayshi had blew himself up prior to the troops’ breach at the location.

The notorious jihadist who was responsibile for a prison attack in Syria–which held ISIS fighters, also had a hand in the genocide of the Yazidis in northern Iraq.

Biden who confirmed the success of the operation, had also been fully aware of the classified raid, with VP Harris and other defense officials.

“Thanks to the bravery of our troops this horrible terrorist leader is no more.

“Last night operating on my orders, United States military forces successfully removed a major terrorist threat to the world,” Biden said.

Footage and images recently released also confirmed the location as Atme; in the northwestern province Idlib, Syria.

Furthermore, an unnamed adminstration official also revealed that the blast detonation by al-Qurayshi was responsible for over a dozen casualties; including his wife and children. According to him, the blast was so powerful that it blew bodies out of the third floor of the building, and stated that all deaths at the location was counted to ISIS.

Prior to giving the green light for the raid, President Joe Biden had been briefed over a month ago; with confirmations made that the ISIS leader lived on the site raided. The operation was confirmed on Tuesday morning at the Oval Office, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley all present.

The operation reportedly lasted for two hours with an hostile altercation between a U.S. helicopter and local forces towards the end. Two members of the local forces were killed.

Defense Minister Austin further reiterated that the operation was set up to minimize civilian casualties, and admitted that many more lives could have been lost due to the mission’s complexity. This he said during his recent public address.

“We know that al-Qurayshi and others at his compound directly caused the deaths of women and children last night. But, given the complexity of this mission, we will take a look at the possibility our actions may also have resulted in harm to innocent people.”

The death of al-Qurayshi has now been disclosed by the Syria Civil Defence and puts to an end a huge list of terrorist activities by the ISIS leader who took over from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, killing himself in similar martyr-fashion.

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