The Japanese Police have arrested one Hiroshi Watanabe after he reportedly attacked three medical workers; shooting one in the process.

The violent attack which led to the death of Junichi Suzuki; a 44-year old doctor, is currently being investigated. Efforts to determine the cause of the incident has proven futile, however, it is believed that all three medical personnels had visited Watanabe’s home prior to the attack.

Furthermore, what ensued was an 11-hour siege in Fujimino, a northern region of Tokyo, capital city of Japan. Earlier, police authorities had been alerted to the 66-year-old’s house after residents heard gunshots coming from his apartment. A witness also claims to have seen a man bleed from his chest, coupled with stomach injuries.

Further identification also revealed that the victim was a 41-year-old nurse, which was rushed to the hospital in a critical state. Another victim had also fled to a nearby police station.

The police authorities had zeroed in on the location that night, but all efforts to reach a compromise proved fruitless during the 11-hour standoff. Earlier on Friday, the police stormed into Watanabe’s home and arrested him.

The incident comes as a rare news, since Japan holds one of the most effective gun regulation policies in the world.

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