Sky Sabre air defense system trial by British Army. Photo: British Ministry of Defence

The UK is deploying a ground based air defence system to Poland amidst ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Sky Sabre is a missile system which is capable of targeting fighter jets and smart bombs will be sent to Poland alongside 100 British troops to operate it.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the deployment of the Sky Sabre missile system while on a trip to Warsaw to meet his Polish counterpart on Thursday.

Speaking after a meeting with his Polish counterpart, Secretary Ben Wallace said the deployment was vital to protect polish airspace from any Russian Aggression.

“I hope this will send a clear signal to the Kremlin that it should be in no doubt that we will defend our values and our friend Poland,” Mr Wallace said.

“Great Britain supports Poland and will continue to do so because it is Poland that has shouldered the greatest burden of the effects caused by the war,” he added.

This comes after Russian bombarded a Ukrainian military facility, about 15 miles from the border with Poland, killing least 35 people and injuring 134 more on Sunday

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the missile system was being deployed upon request from the Polish government and will remain under the control of British forces at all times.

“It is, as ever, a purely defensive capability which we are providing on a bilateral basis to Poland,” the spokesman said.

The deployment is meant to bolster NATO’s eastern flank bordering Russia in a defensive measure as Mosco

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