Abductors of the two church leaders at Celestial Church of Christ, Oshofa, Wasimi, in the Ewekoro Local Government Area of Ogun State, have released their victims after their demands were met on Saturday.

According to the Church founder, Oluwatomisin Olugbebi, the kidnappers reduced their earlier demand of N50 million to N10 million on Thursday. However, they reached out to Olugbebi on Saturday asking for N1 million, food items, cigarettes and gin, contrary to their previous demands.

‘They called on Saturday morning and demanded foodstuffs (rice, beans), cigarettes and gin. They said we should pay N1m for the two of them. I pleaded with them that we didn’t even have up to that, but they said they won’t accept anything less than a million.

‘When we heard this, the family of the victims sat on how to get the money and they raised a total of N221,000. Thankfully, well-wishers and other church members balanced it up.

‘They did not give a specific location where we should drop the money. They asked to speak to the sister of one of the victims and told her to come to a certain location. When she got there, she called them and they told her to give the phone to the bike rider.

‘They told the bike rider their location without disclosing it to her. The bike rider then took her to the location where the money and the requested foodstuffs were dropped. After like 10 minutes, they asked her to come and pick them (victims) up at the bus stop,’ Olugbebi explained.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bankole, also confirmed the heartwarming news.

‘They regained their freedom last night (Saturday) due to sustained pressure mounted by the police on the kidnappers,’ he said.

Recall that the abduction of Oluwaseun Ajose, the Assistant Shepherd (assistant pastor), and Dagunro Ayobami, a Sunday school teacher, was reported early last week; after masked gunmen invaded the Church at Wasinmi.

The attack on the Celestial Church Comes few days after Terrorists attack St Francis Catholic church in Ondo

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