As the crisis in Ukraine linger on for yet another week, there are emerging reports that Russia could send mobile crematoriums with their soldiers into Ukraine.

In a video released by the British Ministry of Defence, huge trucks capable of incinerating human bodies were seen. Sources allege that Kremlin could deploy these cremators to conceal its number of casualties from the ongoing war.

Although the authenticity of such claims are yet to be verified, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace—who reacted to the video dated back to 2013—said the outlook was not good from a soldier’s point of view.

“If I was a soldier and knew that my generals had so little faith in me that they followed me around the battlefield with a mobile crematorium, or I was the mother or father of a son, potentially deployed into a combat zone, and my government thought that the way to cover up losses was a mobile crematorium, I’d be deeply, deeply worried.

“It’s a very chilling side effect of how the Russians view their forces,” he said.

Russian troops have continued to intensify attack on Ukrainian capital city, with several airstrikes and combat exchanges reported over the weekend.

Although an exact number of Russian troops casualty is yet to be provided, over 200 Ukrainian civilians have been confirmed dead in the war, including three children.

Kremlin have also targeted special military infrastructures and major facilities in Ukraine; stating recently that a broader offensive tactic will be employed in the coming days.

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