Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), has placed Nigeria as the second most corrupt country in West Africa. A spot behind Guinea in its recently released ranking.

With a score of 24 out of a maximum 100, the 2021 index entails a drop in the global ranking from the nation’s 149th spot in 2020.

Although the 2021 index might seem to suggest a decline in the state of the country’s corruption, the reality proves otherwise with detailed analysis of the CPI’s research indicating so.

The corruption measuring tool adopted by Transparency International puts into consideration the systems of 180 countries globally. With maximum points placed at 100; while minimum at 0.

Guinea, who ranks 150 on the International list has also experienced an appreciable yet unfortunate increase the level of corruption within its premises.

While the Nigerian government have negated the outcomes of the CPI ranking during the regime of President Buhari, the list have also been seen as a measure of the government’s performance in fighting against corruption over the years.

Further critics of the rankings includes Nigeria’s Information and Culture minister – Lai Mohammed, and Presidential Spokesman – Garba Shehu.

The CPI rankings released by Transparency International also puts the global average at 43 out of 100 points. A figure which has been maintained for ten consecutive years.

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