Two protesters on horseback ride along Wellington Street Saturday afternoon

Continued protests by unwavering truckers at Ottawa has led to the halt of so many activities within the city.

With many parts of the Canadian capital at a standstill, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson have moved to declare a state of emergency. A decision taken to foster solutions to an unprecedented 10-day protest by truckers.

According to a statement by Watson, the demonstrations posed threats to the safety of residents.

“[This] reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations and highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government,” Watson said.

His words were further backed by the recent complaints by Ottawa residents who were fed up of the noise made by demonstrators. They also agitated over the route to the city centre which had been blocked for several days.

The Ottawa Mayor also highlighted the lack of police personnel to curb the protest, as they have been outnumbered in the past days.

Police Chief Peter Slowly also gave further details on the lack of resources to end the agitation during an emergency meeting on Saturday with Ottawa officials; added to City Council Member Diane Deans’ comments on the unrelenting truckers.

“This group is a threat to our democracy.

“What we’re seeing is bigger than just a city of Ottawa problem, this is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness,” she said.

The city is also to expect 250 Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a federal force to help contain the crowd and disperse them.

The protesters who moved to the capital city on the 29th of January, had blocked streets on a city level with trucks, raising tents and shacks in a bid to express their disapproval of COVID-19 requirements by the government.

Major businesses within the capital city have also been paralysed. Howbeit, reports have shown that thirty big trucks departed a major road in Quebec City after they were warned of potential fines.

Major cities currently at a standstill are Toronto, Quebec City and Winnipeg, with the Ottawa police claiming that they would clamp down on protesters who will seek to refuel the parked trucks blocking the city centre.

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