The Kuje Correctional Facility in Abuja recorded a prison break, following an attack on Tuesday night.

The incident which saw over 150 inmates including hardened criminals escape, occured sometime around 10:30pm when unknown perpetrators launched rocket grenades into the facility, bombarding immediately with high caliber guns. Sources claim that security officials on duty fled their posts while desperate inmates sought means to escape.

Suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, who is currently being remanded at Kuje Prison, alongside other popular inmates such as Jolly Nyame and Farouk Lawan have been accounted for following Tuesday’s jailbreak. According to a prison official who pleaded anonymity, the disgraced ‘supercop’ refused to escape with other inmates.

Abba Kyari is currently on trial for alleged money laundering and sundry offences.

Furthermore, an unnamed source with firsthand account of the attack, had sent a host of WhatsApp messages to another media outlet during the bombardment on Tuesday night. Some the messages are:

‘Glory be to GOD, we are alive and we refused to run away. All major terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, murderers have all escaped.

‘The Kuje prison was completely taken over for more than 2 hours by the invading terrorists. All Soldiers and prisons officers escaped. For more than 2 hours no reinforcement came.

‘All doors were broken by the terrorist and every criminal has escaped. Only people that are not criminals, those with less than 3 months to be released and important people like Abba Kyari and his men, former governor Jolly Nyame, Farouk Lawan and some few senior citizens refused to escaped even after the terrorist have opened all the doors for everybody to escape within the 3 hours operations.

‘We are in serious trouble in Nigeria. No resistance at all from Prison officers and soldiers for almost 3 hours the operations lasted.

‘Very successful operations for the terrorist who kept shouting Allahu Akbar from the beginning to the end of the operations.’

Another account given read:

‘All terrorist in the prison have been rescued.

‘All the major, biggest terrorist, armed robbers and kidnapper have escaped.”

‘Terrorist ordered everybody to escaped. Some terrorists asked of (name withheld) that they want to kill him in the crowd, but they were told he had escaped too.

‘….and his men refused to escape.
They remained behind, that they are not criminals.

‘The Prison door is still open. People are still escaping.

‘No reinforcement came, 2 hours after attack.

‘Nobody came for assistance. Kuje correctional center completely taken over and all criminals and terrorists have escaped.

‘Terrible situation in Nigeria. Serious solution is needed.

‘Over 150 terrorists members and commanders rescued.

‘We were told that his men not to follow their roommates and escape that they should stay.’

Spokesman of the Kuje Correctional Facility, Francis Enobore, is yet to give an official statement on the attack. No name has also been put out on the inmates who escaped.

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