Russian President Vladimir Putin has started deploying nuclear missiles toward its border with Finland in the wake of the nation’s NATO membership bid

This comes just days after Finland and Sweden announced their readiness to join NATO

Reports claim Russia has moved 4 nuclear-capable missiles to the Finnish border. Viral dashcam footage appears to show a fleet of the deadly Iskander missiles en route to Vyborg, a town 24 miles from the Finnish border – on Monday.

Putin earlier imparted the veiled hypersonic missile threats in a tense phone call with Finland, and had warned Finland and Sweden that their decision to join NATO was a “grave mistake with far-reaching consequences.”

Russia warned, on Monday, that decisions by Finland and Sweden to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance were serious mistakes and that Moscow would take measures.

“This is another grave mistake with far-reaching consequences,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters.

“The general level of military tensions will increase,” he was quoted as saying by local news agencies.

“It is a pity that common sense is being sacrificed for some phantom ideas about what should be done in the current situation.”

The Iskander-K is a bunker-busting missile and has capabilities 0f firing cruise missiles, including cluster munitions warhead.

Meanwhile, Sweden and Finnish soldiers, in a show of unity, have joined 15,000 troops from 14 NATO countries in conducting a huge military drill in the Baltics. The exercise which is dubbed ‘Siil’ or ‘Hedgehog’ is currently taking place just 40 miles from the nearest Russian base.

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