The Ukraine-Russia tensions could reach a crescendo in the coming days. As announced by the United States, Russia have mobilized seventy percent of the military force required for a full-scale invasion.

The report released confirms that the Russian army will add heavy-duty equipment to it’s manpower at the Ukrainian border, as the ground will likely reach its freezing peak a week from now.

This will mean that a mechanised transit is feasible for the Russians, and potentially see Kiev fall within days, should an invasion occur.

The United States also ascertained that battalion tactical groups in the Russia-Ukraine border reaches up to eighty-three. Twenty-three more than last week’s count. There are also claims that fourteen more groups are currently in transit to the border.

Although, evidences are yet to be provided on each estimate put out, the U.S however stated that the figures were determined by intelligence reports.

With Russia coming out last week to debunk rumours of an invasion, many believe the standoff has been downplayed with high probabilities of their demand not being met.

This demand entails that Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO. However, Washington and NATO have termed Russia’s stance as unacceptable.

In the event of a full-scale takeover, experts have estimated that the Ukraine army could loose more than 5000 soldiers, while Russia will potentially record 3000 casualties at least.

Recently, the United States extended military aid to Ukraine by deploying 2000 soldiers to help stifle its border; and counter Russia’s military build-up in the region.

Other countries have also extended efforts to ease the tensions, with the French president Emmanuel Macron discussing with Putin, before meeting Ukraine’s president in Kyiv today.

This follows after Boris Johnson’s trip to Kyiv some days ago, while Olaf Scholz – the German Chancellor will follow suit after departing the White House at Washington.

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