Russian President, Vladimir Putin is rumoured to be seriously ill with ‘blood cancer’, following claims made by an unnamed Russian oligarch in March 2022.

The oligarch—whose name is withheld for safety reasons—was secretly recorded without his consent by a Western venture capitalist; claiming that Vladimir Putin is ‘very ill with blood cancer’, and stated his desire to see the Russian ruler die of the illness.

The private recordings only made front pages after the taped conversation was obtained by New Lines magazine; who released the news to the press few hours ago.

Furthermore, the oligarch explained that Putin had an operation in October last year, due to his back problems. He also revealed that the widely known back issue was linked to the president’s blood cancer. This development is yet to be verified by an independent body, but New Lines have confirmed the authentication of voice and identity of the unnamed Russian oligarch.

Recall that Proyekt, a Russian investigative media outlet, recently claimed that President Vladimir Putin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer some years ago and has had private sessions with a cancer surgeon multiple times since 2018.

The Russian oligarch continued to make damning comments about Vladimir Putin in the secretly recorded conversation; which was eleven minutes long. He talked about Putin’s decisions which have been a problem to both Russia and Ukraine’s economy.

“He absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy, and many other economies ruined [them] absolutely.

“The problem is with his head. One crazy guy can turn the world upside down,” he said.

New Lines magazine hinted that the claims were made by a personality on the Russian Forbes’ 200 richest businesspeople released in 2021. They also said he resides outside Russia.

The news have now reached the security service of Russia, who will potentially look into the development. A move which could mean they replicate a memo the Federal Security Service (FSB) received in March.

On the occasion, the security agency were ordered to dispel rumours about Vladimir Putin’s health.

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