Four Russian Soldiers captured by troops in Ukraine..

Materials from an Intelligence firm have described the Russian army camp as one in disarray; with emerging footages and recordings of some soldiers.

According to some recordings intercepted by ShadowBreak, a British Intelligence company, a sect of Russian Soldiers had retreated to their homeland—six days after the invasion of Ukraine began.

There are also films of others lamenting the lack of basic supplies while in Ukraine territory. Outrageous orders to bomb civilians was also mentioned in what has been seen as a damning revelation.

A text message sent from a soldier to his Russian mother also read, ‘All I want now is to kill myself’.

ShadowBreak have continued to collect and intercept several recordings from the Russian camp, in an all-day routine since the invasion began.

The Telegraph media outlet was privy to listen to cry sounds from another soldier, while another complained about lack of food and fuel; after three days.

The role of social media has also played a part in making the development viral; with several soldiers seen weeping, expressing their disapproval over explosions and destruction of civilian properties.

In a message reviewed by the said Intelligence firm, a Russian soldier was heard speaking to a colleague at a command centre of his negation to use artillery on an area till civilians had left the location. These civilians were termed ‘the goods’ according to the message.

Samuel Cardillo, Founder of ShadowBreak explained to The Telegraph that the messages were received from amateurs using antennas to listen.

“What we have found is that the Russian operatives are operating in complete disarray.

“They have no clue where they are going and how to really communicate with each other properly.’

“There were periods where we heard them [Russian soldiers] crying in combat, a period where they were insulting each other – obviously not a sign of great morale,” he added.

Sources show that Ukrainian forces have employed national anthem sounds in an effort to jam Russian communications.

Defence Ministry of Ukraine also disclosed that about 5,300 Russian casualties have come out of the war between both countries—though the figures have not been verified independently.

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