Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has accused government forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of firing rockets into its shores.

The east-african nation expressed its disapproval of the shelling in its borders on Friday. Graphic evidences now show that the rockets landed in Musanze, a district in north-west Rwanda. It is also a border shared by the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Although no injury or casualty has been reported, the shelling becomes the second of its kind in four weeks; according to Rwanda Defence Force. On this occasion, two 122mm missiles were launched from the Bunagana area by the FARDC. Locales in the area are reported to be terrified, amidst conflicts in the eastern part of Rwanda.

‘The DRC armed forces, FARDC, fired two 122mm rockets into Rwanda from the Bunagana area, striking along the Rwanda-DRC border in Nyabigoma Cell, Kinigi Sector, Musanze District on 10 June 2022 at 11:55am. There were no casualties but the local population is terrified,

‘This follows similar shelling by forces in DRC on 19 March and 23 May 2022 in Kinigi and Nyange Sectors of Musanze District and in Gahunga Sector of Burera District, which caused casualties and damaged property,’ a statement by RDF read.

The RDF touched on the abduction of two of its soldiers by their western neighbours’ force, and called on the DRC government to take responsibility for these actions.

‘These incidents, including the kidnap by FARDC-FDLR of two RDF soldiers on border patrol, have been reported to the Government of DRC, the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism of the ICGLR and other partners,’ RDF added.

Citizens of Rwanda have been reassured that safety measures will be put in place to prevent injuries, loss of lives or property. Recent revelation by the RDF follows after the nation’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Vincent Biruta, had opined last month that Rwanda will look to defend itself from such attacks, terming the recent threat as provocations.

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