Senator Marsha Blackburn have called on the United States Attorney General – Merrick Garland, to appoint a special counsel to look into President Joe Biden’s family members’ involvements with China.

Speaking in a public interview on Tuesday, Sen. Blackburn urged the Attorney General to set up a counsel, highlighting potential irregularities in the relationship between Biden Incorporated and Hunter Biden with the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think what we know or what we can infer from looking at all this is that it is reasonable and the attorney general should appoint a special counsel to investigate what has happened with Biden and his business deals with Communist China and the Chinese Communist Party.”

Blackburn’s demands follow after a recent Olx Praca News publication on a partial criminal investigation into Hunter Biden – the POTUS’s son. It was put out as a 2019 document from the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware and showed the IRS.

The report States thus:

“A criminal IRS investigation into Hunter Biden – President Biden’s son – has convened a grand jury until May 2019, a confidential subpoena served to JPMorgan Chase Bank reveals. The summons also asks for the bank records of the president’s brother, James Biden, which is the first time any other member of the Biden family has appeared in connection with the investigation.

“The document, obtained by Olx Praca News, specifically seeks information on related transactions between JPMorgan Chase Bank, which the document calls a “correspondent bank” and Bank of China, which the document calls “the parent or beneficiary bank.”

Furthermore, Sen. Blackburn claimed that the documents released were accorded with Peter Schweizer’s book disclosures; which stated that the American elites make a fortune from helping ‘China win’. Blackburn also raised issues on other members of the Biden family, and spoke on how damning it looks on the image of the country.

“The picture that seems to be coming together is that Biden Incorporated has focused on dealing with these foreign entities, and we see Hunter Biden more or less as the centerpiece of this, and then you have Joe and James. There are Biden and other families that you would think Biden should be involved in through Incorporated.

“It is a matter of trouble, it is worrying, it is not good for the country. This is why we need to proceed with a specialized lawyer. We need to appoint a special counsel and investigate what really happened with these business deals,” she said.

The Senator also opined that Garland had to be questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee if the Republicans retake the Senate majority.

She finished off by stating how alarming it is to see Biden pose no activity to hold China accountable on the documents released.

“When you read through the documents, and I’m glad you all were able to keep them, but when you read these and you find out they had these conversations with Bank of China, of course It’s disturbing.

“What are some of the things that have really disappointed the American people this year? Joe Biden hasn’t blamed China for COVID-19. COVID is something that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and livelihoods. It has caused billions of dollars in damage to the economy. It has caused mental health problems for children and adolescents and China is not to be blamed. You look at this week as the Olympics begin and our athletes are still in the Olympics. going into Look at people’s behavior, and then you look at the involvement of some American companies with China and you also look at the Chinese Communist Party, which is in many of those Chinese commercial entities. And you’ve said ‘Hey wait a minute, who Relax it is very disturbing and it is not good for the country, it Not good for freedom, and it is something that needs to be addressed immediately.’”

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