Shell says it will stop buying Russian oil and natural gas as well as shut down its service stations and other operations in the entire country amid international pressure for companies to sever ties with Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Energy giant said in a statement on Tuesday that it would withdraw from all Russian hydrocarbons, including crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas and liquefied natural gas, “in a phased manner.”

“We are acutely aware that our decision last week to purchase a cargo of Russian crude oil to be refined into products like petrol and diesel — despite being made with security of supplies at the forefront of our thinking — was not the right one and we are sorry,” CEO Ben van Beurden said.

“As we have already said, we will commit profits from the limited, remaining amounts of Russian oil we will process to a dedicated fund,” He added.

The decision comes after the Company faced heavy backlash for it’s continues Business dealings with Russia amidst the invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba had appealed to the public to pressure the company and other international firms who continued doing business with Russia to Stop.

“One question to Shell: doesn’t Russian oil smell (like) Ukrainian blood for you?” Kuleba said on Twitter. “I call on all conscious people around the globe to demand multinational companies to cut all business ties with Russia.”

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