Sokoto State experienced dreaded scenes on Saturday after hundreds of protesters flooded the streets to demand for the release of two students arrested; with ties to the Deborah Samuel killing.

The victim, who was a Christian student at Shehu Shagari College of Education, was beaten and stoned to death on Thursday, before being burned by suspected students of the institution. The perpetrators claimed that Miss Deborah had blasphemed against prophet Mohammed; sparking rage amongst certain muslim faithfuls.

Earlier, the Police Force announced the arrest of two students connected to the incident, thanks to footages and pictures uploaded on social media. They also confirmed that a manhunt is ongoing to bring the killers to book.

However, the move had angered young Muslims within the state, leading to a violent protest on city streets.

Members of the police force were deployed to contain the mob, but did little to stop a sect that rounded on the palace of Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, the sultan of Sokoto. Abubakar was amongst a collection of prestigious figures to condemn the Thursday killing.

Ibrahim Arkilla, a resident of Sokoto State, stated that the crowd called for the police to end the ongoing manhunt.

“It was more of a riot by a mob of young men and women who were demanding the release of the two people arrested over the killing of the Christian student.

“The crowd which made bonfires on the streets were also demanding the police stop the manhunt for those identified to have taken part in the killing,” he said.

Several Christian institutions were also targeted by the protesters along Ahmadu Bello Way in the state’s capital. A Catholic church, and the Evangelical Church Winning All were razed earlier on Saturday. Shops owned by south easterners were attacked; with several properties being destroyed on the day.

So far, six casualties have been recorded in Saturday’s violent protest in Sokoto State. The killing of Deborah Samuel adds to a number of religious tensions that have bastardized the peace of Africa’s most populous nation.

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