At least six deaths have been recorded in the capital city of Guinea-Bissau after an attempted military coup to oust the present government.

Royalnewsng had previously reported heavy gunfires near the presidential palace, with the whereabouts of President Umaro Sissoco Embaló unkonwn at the time.

However, the attack which was aimed at eliminating President Embaló and his entire cabinet ended futile. Sadly, six fatalities have been accounted for following the incident.

Among the deceased were four attackers and two guards of the presidential palace.

Speaking on the failed coup, President Embaló has stated how lucky he is to survive the five-hour exchange of heavy gunfires on Tuesday, and further explained that the attack was carried out by an isolated group.

He also described the armed group as a drug-trafficking sect and guaranteed the people of Guinea-Bissau that his government has the situation under control.

“What I can guarantee is that the situation is under control.

“When I was elected president of the republic, I promised to [fight] two things: corruption and drug trafficking. And this is also linked to that, and I knew what the price was, but the fight continues,” he said.

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