Some six northerners have been killed in yet another shooting in Ondo State. Barely three days after the attack on a Catholic Church in Owo, unknown gunmen had zeroed in on Sabo—also known as strangers’ quarters—in Ondo town.

The location, which is well known to be predominated by Hausa locales, was taken unaware in the early hours of Wednesday. Men on motorbikes had arrived Sabo area, opening fire on petty traders and other bystanders killing six in the process. This is according to the Sarkin Hausawa of Ondo, Alhaji Abdulsalam Yusuf.

‘They came to our area (Sabo) on motorbikes and each was carrying three gunmen. All of a sudden, they started shooting people who were mostly Suya and tea vendors.

‘A J5 bus driver who was on transit and had stopped to eat was the first victim. They killed a ‘guardman’ (security guard) and another shopkeeper who was trying to lock up his shop and run away from the assailants.

‘They again gunned down two young men who were eating noodles at a mai shayi (a tea seller) stall. That makes five victims in Sabo alone.

‘Again, they struck another area called Iba where they also shot dead another man,’ Yusuf explained to a media outlet.

The Sarkin Hausawa of Ondo further confirmed that officers of the police force were dispatched to the scene to assess the situation and convey the remains of the deceased to the morgue. He believed the attack was a supposed response to the killing of worshippers at the Catholic Church in Owo on Pentecost Sunday.

In his words, the Northerners had lived peacefully in Sabo area for more than sixty years prior to the Owo massacre—which many have pinned to fulani herdsmen.

Furthermore, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Sarkin Hausawa of Shasha in Akure, have come out to downplay critics who blame the Hausa community for Sunday’s killings.

‘We have been living peacefully for long with the people of Ondo State; we don’t have any problem with them. We are doing our businesses together, so what will lead us to attack them or to attack their church?

‘We want them to know that our people have no hand in the church attack,” he stated.

All six victims of the shooting at Sabo area in Ondo town were buried same day of the attack; in accordance to Islamic rites. Although, a victim is said to be undergoing treatment in an unnamed hospital in Ondo State.

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