The Ukraine Navy have confirmed that thirteen of its soldiers who swore at warships from Russia; on the first day of invasion are still alive.

At the time, the border guards who guarded Zmiinyi, popularly known as Snake Island, were heard over an audio recording taunting Russian warships with derogatory comments Saying ‘Go F*ck Yourself’.

Russia earlier confirmed that the troops surrendered but many believed that all thirteen soldiers were killed in a standoff. Their sense of bravery also earned them honours and recognitions from socialites, following the incident.

Naval Forces of Ukraine have now debunked rumours of their death by stating in a post on Facebook that “our brothers-in-arms are alive and well”.

Extended details of the confrontation showed that the soldiers had repelled the Russian attack on two occasions, but failed to hold the island after they ran out of ammunition.

Zmiinyi Island, which sits on the Black Sea at the north-western region is 30 miles from the coast of Ukraine and 300km west of Crimea.

It has also been seen over time as a very important part of Ukraine’s maritime territory, though it was annexed eight years ago by Russia.

The Navy also revealed that the Russians destroyed lighthouses, towers, antennas, and cut off communication with the mainland, after capturing the soldiers.

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