Sweden has halted the use of vaccine passports and the mandatory wearing of masks. The Scandinavian nation have also lifted all Covid-19 related restrictions.

In what has recently been seen as a trend, more than ten European countries have moved to purport such measures after EU changed their entry requirements earlier in the week.

Many believe the move by Sweden is to encourage tourist activities, while proving popular with local citizens. The nation further adjusted its policies to share similarities with Denmark and Norway; the two other Scandinavian countries who cut back such restrictions days back.

This means the approach taken will be a ‘living with the virus’ one while information has been made available for travellers.

The nation has also announced that anyone entering their shores from next week will experience a similar treatment to what was obtained before the pandemic. This was part of the information put out by Sweden’s Prime Minister – Magdalena Andersson on Thursday.

She also emphasized that the pandemic is far from over, but the changes will take effect from the 9th of February.

A comprehensive outlook on the changes made are that citizens will no longer be required to present vaccine certificates to take part in several activities, no more requirements to wear face masks on public transport, no more capacity limits in restaurants, with opening hours free to be set by businesses.

The decision however is still subject to change pending how the situation takes shape from here on in Sweden; as daily records shows that the country still report high numbers of infected persons.

Nonetheless, Social Affairs Minister – Lena Hallengren assured that extra vigilance will be employed to monitor the development.

Unvaccinated Swedes are still to avoid crowded places despite the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, while those with symptoms will remain at home.

Sweden presently holds a Level 4 ‘Do Not Travel’ advisory from the US and records an average of 35,000 Covid-19 cases daily.

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