Florida-based teenager, Jack Sweeney, has rejected a $5000 offer from Elon Musk to halt an illicit tracking activity of private jets.

The Tesla CEO – Elon Musk has reportedly blocked the 19-year-old on social media after rejecting his offer to take down his twitter handle.

Sweeney had started off by monitoring Musk’s private jets and demanding an internship opportunity of about $50,000 from the billionaire –but has stated that he will now look to target the jets of other billionaires like Jeff Bezos in the coming days.

“I knew he had a plane, you know, as a fan of SpaceX and Tesla staff. I thought Elon Musk’s jet bot would reveal where he was going and what business he was doing.

“Flight tracking companies make millions every year. A small cut of what they do would be a good income for me.

“The amount of time and dedication I put into it is great – for example, 5K is not enough to throw it away.

“You know, it’s a bit weird, he wants to reduce it and it looks like he’s really crazy,” Sweeney said.

Though the University of Central Florida freshman claimed that Musk had reached out last November, he rejected the financial offer at the time to end the tracking service.

Many believe that Sweeney’s tracking skill is a very lucrative business to provide real-time location data on private aircraft; but will raise privacy and legal concerns on the long run.

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