Volcanic Eruptions and tsunami in Tonga which started three days ago, has continued to cause havoc in the Island.

Massive Volcanic blasts sent Tsunami waves as far as the US and crippled communications. Tonga is currently cut off from the rest of the world after the Under Water cable connecting the pacific Island to the outside world got damaged due to under water volcanic eruptions. According to officials, it may take up to four weeks to completely restore Tonga’s Internet and phone connection.

Scientists warns that the eruption may damage the environmental area of the Island which is currently covered in ashes from volcanic eruptions. The port in the capital, Nuku’alofa on the main Island of Tongatapu has been severely damaged, alongside several buildings near the waterfront. It was completely flattened by Tsunami waves caused by the under water Volcanic Eruptions. Satellite images shows before and after the Volcanic Eruptions.

Authorities have confirmed the first death toll to be a British woman who was swept away by Tsunami on a beach in the Island. Two other indigenes have also been confirmed dead, making the death toll three so far.

Efforts to get Aids across the country have been hampered by ash continuing to fall from the volcano, covering major roads and Airports. More than 200 Volunteers have been sweeping the runway of the main airport to allow planes bringing drinking water and other supplies to safely land.

The government of Tonga released a press statement yesterday for the first time since the volcanic eruptions began. “As a result of the eruption, a volcanic mushroom plume was released which reached the stratosphere and extending radially covering all Tonga Islands, generating tsunami waves rising up to 15 meters, hitting the west coast of Tongatapu Islands, ‘Eue and Ha’apai Islands,” the government statement said.

The government said it is mainly concerned about the damage caused to the islands of Mango, Fonoifua and Nomuka after receiving initial reports from first responders dispatched to those islands. “The first consignment is headed for these islands as all houses were destroyed on Mango Island; only two houses remain on Fonoifua Island with extensive damage on Nomuka Island,” the government said.

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