The State Department of the U.S has ordered families of embassy workers and American diplomats to depart from Ukraine following increased tensions of a pending Russian invasion in Ukraine.

According to a statement made available by the department, the U.S government are willing to fund the commutation of this individuals, while the embassy will continue to function in the meantime.

Non-essential workers have also been asked to leave, with plans already put in place for the coming days. Moreso, the government warned U.S residents in Kyiv and Ukraine at large that the move is not aimed at forcefully evacuating their citizens; and further stated that if an invasion occurs, they will not be in a position to move citizens effectively.

With U.S citizens placed under no obligation to register with embassies in Ukraine, the early warning has been termed as a welcome move to ensure safety of its individuals on foreign soil.

Furthermore, the statement by the State Department had highlighted a no-effect basis on the diplomatic relationship being established with Ukraine; to provide support for the European nation’s sovereignty and continued development. Hence, no change will be made to severe ties between Washington and Kyiv in any way.

Latest reports also suggest the American President – Joe Biden – will likely deploy troops, warships and military assistance to NATO allies around Eastern Europe. This comes after the Russian Federation decided to rally 100,000 troops at the border of Ukraine, and also Belarus; with the European giants looking to speed up deployment of its military manpower.

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