The United Arab Emirates has intercepted an attempted drone strike in its airspace. The latest act is the fourth in three weeks and was carried out less than 24 hours ago.

In an announcement made by the UAE defence ministry, the nation had failed to mention the origin of the drone, but assured its citizens that necessary overwatch measures were in place to protect its territory.

In previous attempted strikes, the UAE publicly blamed the Houthi rebels in Yemen on three occasions which many believe is the source of the recent targeted strikes. The Houthis have failed to own up to the act. A move which puts them in the forefront of the alleged acts.

Earliest attacks were recorded on the 17th of January, 2022 when missiles and several drones had caused a fire at an oil storage centre in Abu Dhabi.

The facility, which is operated by Adnoc recorded the death of three employees on the occasion; with six others injured.

The second and third attacks were carried out one week apart, but was intercepted by the defence ministry. The UAE also confirmed the destruction of the launch platforms in the previous two attacks.

Nonetheless, the United States have announced that it has stepped up its intelligence and military aid to its Gulf allies, to counter the recent attacks.

US Defense Secretary – Lloyd Austin, who communicated with crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed through a phone call, revealed plans to deploy “fifth generation fighter aircraft” to provide advanced intelligence. The USS Cole – a US Navy guided missile destroyer will partner with the UAE Navy before leaving for Abu Dhabi.

Latest occurrences in the UAE—which is a major oil produce on the global front—has contributed to the hike in oil prices, and adds to increased tensions in the Gulf region.

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