A massive fire outbreak has been reported at a Russian facility; with plumes of smoke captured erupting into the skies on Wednesday.

The incident which occured at Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery located in the southern Rostov region, on Wednesday morning, is said to be a result of a targeted Ukrainian attack in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. No casualties have been reported from the inferno, but will be seen as a major dent on Putin’s intention to maintain war on Ukraine.

Footages released after the fire breakout showed two Ukrainian UAV (drones) hovering over the Russian plant, moments before the strike was reported. Fire brigade also worked to contain the inferno, as a news agency reports the fire has already been put out.

An unnamed source further confirmed the incident, claiming only one drone had hit the oil plant on Wednesday.

‘One of them made an impact, crashing into a heat transfer unit, after which the blaze started. The second one flew away’.

The Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery, holds an annual capacity of up to 7.5 million tonnes, in production, and is a major facility in Russia. Wednesday’s strike adds to the recent cases of unanticipated hits suffered by Russia, with concerns expressed by Moscow on Ukraine’s target on infrastructures.

A new ammunition depot in Kherson was previously reported ablaze, with over a dozen other fires in Russia, since Kremlin ordered an offensive invasion on Ukraine in February. However, the cases seem to be on the rise in these past weeks, with a warehouse being blown up in Kharkiv barely two weeks after Russia lost its sixth ammunition depot to a Ukrainian strike.

The Ukrainian 40th Separate Artillery Brigade in Kharkiv Oblast, was credited on that occasion.

Last week, Russian ammunition sites in Polgovsky district, Voskresenka in Zaporizhia Oblast, and an undisclosed location were all hit. Thousands of systems and weaponry were destroyed crippling Putin’s force to some extent. All three attacks were orchestrated within 24 hours.

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