Ukraine has declared a state of emergency after a precedented mobilisation of its reserve military forces. It has also asked its citizens in Russia to leave immediately.

The order which will affect over three million Ukrainians was deemed pertinent as the Russian military close in on the border. The recent military manpower that Russia had ordered into eastern Ukraine; after acknowledging two rebel separatists.

Earlier, the EU and a host of Western countries had imposed sanctions on Russia for deploying troops to eastern Ukraine under the context of ‘peacekeeping’ whilst recognising both separatist leaders from Luhansk and Donetsk.

With bound tensions of a Russian attack spanning over the past months, 150,000 troops and counting; has been matched to the border with Ukraine.

The Russian flag has also been lowered at its Kyiv embassy, as evacuation of embassy staff has been reported.

According to Ukraine, citizens still in Russia must leave due to the escalated Russian aggression; which could hamper assistance from the consulate. The Kyiv military announced a vast call-up of reserve troops aged 18 to 60 for a year period.

To give the authorities in Ukraine the advantage of protecting its people and statehood in the days ahead, the Ukrainian government had announced the state of emergency.

It is expected to last for a month; with a potential curfew if there is a need for it.

Many western nations have bluffed Russia’s continued insists of not wanting to invade Ukraine; and with Putin tearing up the 2015 peace deal for eastern Ukraine, a compromise is seen as far-fetched.

Latest move by Ukraine was spurred by Wednesday’s cyber attack which put the government websites and banks on the brink.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also stated that there is a huge possibility of severing diplomatic ties with Russia in its entirety over the incessant crisis.

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