British watchdog, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), have opined that both Apple and Google Inc. have damning leverage over the phone market.

Touching on their findings, Chief Executive of CMA, Andrea Coselli, opined that both companies ‘hold cards’ on the use of mobile phones by individuals globally. The CMA further clamoured for preventive actions in a bid to prevent Apple and Google from taking even more. Reports suggest that the UK’s CMA are currently working on means to minimize both tech giants ‘duplex’, despite concerns that a tag between both companies could prove more difficult to tackle.

This was contained in a published piece following a year long research work on the issue. Amongst CMA findings is Apple and Google’s possession of a ‘glitch’ which enables them limit choices of their users while promoting their services and pursuing a variety of options simultaneously; using their ecosystem.

Pinpointed by the watchdog were cloud gaming and mobile browsers which served as ways claimed companies exert dominance to halt the regularities of their competitors.

‘We all rely on browsers to access the Internet on our phones, and the engines that make them work have a huge impact on what we can see and do. Right now, the choice in this space is huge. We need to give innovative tech firms, many of which are ambitious start-ups, a fair chance to compete.

‘We have always been clear that while we await legislation for the new digital regime, we will make the most of our existing tools. Today’s announcements – with 8 cases currently open against major players in the tech industry, There’s evidence of this in action – from tackling fake reviews to solving problems in online advertising,’ Coselli said.

An investigation was also launched by the CMA centering on how Google Play Store was able to set terms on in-app purchases by its customers. A similar investigation into Apple commenced back in March 2021. CMA will look to explore immediate ways to address the situation by using already standing powers; but stated that some responses will need political change.

Meanwhile, Apple has ‘respectfully disagreed’ with some of CMA’s findings, and seeks to convince them on the positivity it has on their customers.

‘We believe in thriving and competitive markets where innovation can flourish. Through the Apple ecosystem we have created a secure and reliable experience that users love and a great business opportunity for developers. In the UK alone, iOS The app economy supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and makes it possible for developers large and small to reach customers around the world.

‘We respectfully disagree with several of the conclusions reached in the report, which discount our investments in innovation, privacy and user performance – all of which contribute to why users love the iPhone and iPad and help smaller developers compete for the iPhone and iPad.

‘We will continue to engage constructively with competition and market authority to explain how our approach fosters competition and choice, while protecting consumers’ privacy and security at all times. Stays safe,’ Apple stated.

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