Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Russia claims documents indicates that ‘components of bioweapons were being developed in Ukraine’

The Russian Defense Ministry Says it has obtained documents that indict the US for sponsoring a Ukrainian bio-lab study of the possibility of transfer of African swine fever, anthrax through infecting birds, bats, reptiles.

Russian Defense ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov, during a press briefing in Moscow, alleged that the records recovered by Russia confirmed these biolabs investigated pathogen transmission by wild birds traveling between Ukraine and Russia, as well as other bordering nations.

“Russian specialists of the radiation, chemical, and biological protection divisions have studied documents on the transfer of human biomaterials taken in Ukraine to foreign countries on the instructions of US representatives.

“Of particular interest was detailed information about the implementation of a project by the US on the territory of Ukraine to study the transfer of pathogens by wild birds migrating between Ukraine and Russia and other neighboring countries,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that Washington must explain to the international community the purpose of U.S.-funded military biological laboratories in Ukraine.

“We remember for how many years and with what bloody results the U.S. searched for various types of chemical, biological, bacteriological weapons and so on all over the world, actually occupying lands and killing people,” the ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a briefing.

She added that Kyiv has recently begun erasing traces of these biological programs. “We received documentation from Ukrainian employees at the biological laboratories on the urgent destruction of especially dangerous pathogens, plague, anthrax, cholera, and other deadly diseases on February 24,” Zakharova said.

The US described the information by the Russian Defense Ministry regarding military bio-lab programs in Ukraine as false.

The Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby stated that “this absurd Russian misinformation is patently false,” during a briefing in Washington on Wednesday.

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