Russian President Vladimir Putin, has held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a show of unity, to douse tensions and news of deteriorating relations between both Countries.

Both leaders who were key figures in the meeting held in Beijing, spoke on the unprecedented ties as stated by President Xi during the session.

As the 2022 Winter Games kicks off in Beijing, Xi believes the unity will induce increased vitality in China-Russia relations. Putin also expressed delight in the positive bond sustained in the West, as the ‘Ukraine story’ lingers on.

Speaking on the session held, media personality Katrina Yu stated that the meeting does not pose a seeming approval of Russia’s activities in Ukraine, and discussed China’s long-standing ties with Kyiv.

Yu also spoke on the Chinese government’s intentions to provide support for Russia if the US impose economic sanctions.

“Certainly, Xi right now, heading into the Winter Olympics, doesn’t want anything to disrupt stability.

“They really have been trying to convey a united front – both leaders have experienced souring relations with the US and its allies over the recent years.

“And China has signalled that it would support Russia economically should the US impose any sort of crippling sanctions,” Yu said.

During the meeting, Putin disclosed plans to increase gas exports to China to 48 billion bcm per year through a new pipeline that will run from it’s Far East region.

The Russian President also be expressed his desire to increase trade activities to a $200bn volume. An improvement from 2021’s $140bn.

It is the first face-to-face meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping has held with a world leader in almost two years, since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020.

Xi will also meet more than twenty world leaders as the Winter Olympics kicks off, in a bid to shift focus from coronavirus fears and strengthen diplomatic regularities throughout the sport festivities.

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