Zimbabwean tech expert – James Manyika has been snapped up by Google after years of effective service in the peripheries of technology in the society.

The Harare-born who heads the McKinsey Global Institute will now report to Sunday Pichai, following his appointment as first senior vice president of Technology and Society in Google.

Manyika, who has spent more than 20 years in Silicon Valley had previously worked in the Obama administration. At the time, the President had assigned him to work as vice chairman of the Global Development Council at the White House and by two US Commerce Secretaries to the Digital Economy Board and to the National Innovation Board as part of the Competes Act.

His level of experience will prove key to Google; with lots of experience intersecting technology and society. This is according to Sunday Pichai, who expressed his delight in Manyika’s new role in the Google leadership team.

“I’m thrilled that James Manyika will be joining Google’s leadership team.

“He has spent decades working at the intersection of technology and society and has advised a number of businesses, academic institutions and governments along the way.”

Prior to his time at the forefront of technological development, James Manyika had studied at Oxford, finishing with a DPhil, MS and MA in the AI and robotics discipline, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He also attended Rhodes and graduated with a first class from the University of Zimbabwe; where he studied Electrical Engineering.

He serves on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Manyika also holds board membership at Hewlett MacArthur, and Markle philanthropic foundations, amongst his innumerable contributions to societal and technological development.

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